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God’s love – indescribably beautiful

 How to trust god?

What happens when we engage with God? How to trust god? God’s love is truly indescribably beautiful and she is infinitely precious. If you want, your life can be brand new from today. What happens when we engage with God is the first time wholeheartedly. God will find himself, he has promised and wants to change your heart through his love. When you do this experience, you never want to go back to your old life. Because you will never be alone, and you want to help him. Everything includes your thoughts, your worries and hardships. Also your illness, your guilt feelings, your conscience, your addictions and longings. Throw on Jesus your questions, your doubts, your pride, your lies, your irascibility, your hatred of everything that upsets you and makes your life difficult makes. Because God wants to be everything for you – and to be there for you in everything.

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If you seek me, you will find me.


Yes, if you are looking for me with all my heart, I will let you find me. I promise you that. Jeremiah 29. 13-14 Get to know God as your Heavenly Father, His nature, his love, but also his firm principles for your life. Take your time, there is a lot to discover, because God loves you. He still has a lot to do with you! Stay curious, read on and become active: experience for yourself that God really exists. The Almighty God, for whom our huge problems are small and he has the best solutions for all cases! God knows our hearts and our thoughts, nobody can hide from Him!

While God is the Creator of all life, of all beings, of heaven and earth, of the universe. All the beauty that astounds us comes from his almighty creative hand. He is a righteous God, he is not resentful, when we have confessed him our fault, he forgives instantly and never thinks about it. He will not get her out of the drawer again, just as we like to do it! Even if we make mistakes again, and that happens because we are not saints, he gladly forgives, if we truly ask Him. He knows our heart and our attitude, he knows our thoughts. You really will feel it,God’s love – indescribably beautiful.


Jesus Christ is the way to God



because he made the way to God free again! We can not hide from God. Adam and Eve had tried it too. Because He looks into our hearts, and knows how we stand with Him. He is just and merciful, he is faithful and stands by his word. He loathes lies, lovelessness, unforgiveness, falsehood, infidelity, deceit and blasphemy. All these qualities and a few more are contrary to his love. how are you god, i want to get to know you? Since God is not visible, not tangible, it is questionable for many people, if he even exists.

But if you do not seek it, you will not find it out and never experience being a child of God. Since he does not impose his love on anyone or force us to accept him as God, it is the decision of each individual to seek Him. How grateful I am to give each person, two or three times in a lifetime, the opportunity to find him and his divine love: „Behold, all this God does twice or three times with man to bring his soul back from perdition, so that it may be enlightened with the light of the living“. (Job 33 / 29-30> Butcher Bible)

God’s love is the most beautiful precious gift you can get!



Some of what I also read about the Bible and have learned about God is that his love can not be compared to any other, because it is the divine love, which is also called agape love. (It is the same love that Jesus loves) This love gives away itself with overflowing devotion. When we seek and meet Him, recognize Him, and receive Him into our hearts, we experience an indescribable feeling of being loved and accepted. You never want to lose that anymore. It is the most beautiful precious gift ever.




God is love, light and glory!



He is holy, and his heart’s desire is that we acknowledge him as the only God, loving him with all our heart, all our being with all our power, and bringing with him in trust everything that drives us. He is the perfect adviser, problem assistant and rescuer in all situations. He also wants to give us healing, to spirit, soul and body. He wants to give his spirit in us and give us new eternal life. It is a pleasure to exchange ideas with friends who have the same attitude, who love God, and who walk their life with him. I believe that is a piece of the mystery that we seek God’s love with all our hearts and he always amazes us. I feel a deep trust, a sense of security, being loved, experiencing, caring, looking after, comforting, protecting myself from danger, just being there and surrounding me. So this Psalm has become one of my dearest: From all sides you surround me and hold your hand over me. Psalm 139.5  This is God’s love – indescribably beautiful.

God’s love – indescribably beautiful and you really need this love


How does the love of God feel?

This morning, I asked my friend how the love of God feels to you. Thoughtful smiling silence: Soothing, and he has given me peace, she says. Is that all I ask? Your answer: Ask me how God is, I have lots of answers. Oh yes, I think of countless wonderful qualities of God. I encourage you to discover them yourself. Go in search, for God says I did so much wrong – can I still come to God? Yes you can, you should even, so do not wait any longer, do not push it! Because he is waiting for you, he longs to give you forgiveness and new eternal life. His peace, his grace and love that want to fill your heart and your soul overflowing. God’s love search – God gives much in little!

I did so much wrong – can I still come to God?



Yes you can, you should even, so do not wait any longer, do not push it! Because he is waiting for you, he longs to give you forgiveness and new eternal life. His peace, his grace and love that want to fill your heart and your soul overflowing. God’s love search – God gives much in little! God has given us the Bible so we can know and love him, take him at his word and his outstretched hand. He has everything ready for us, he deserves reverence, not fear, humility not courage, all our love and our gratitude wholeheartedly.

What did Jesus answer to the question, which is the most important commandment? You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. (Mark 12:30) and if we do that, or do not know how, and long for it wholeheartedly, he will meet us in his love and she will hit us right in the heart. This is a direct hit – and you can feel it, and you never want to miss that love again. Before you can find his love, you have to search him with all your heart. Because God wants to win your whole heart and then?

Seeking God’s Love



Whether we ever find it or not, lies hidden in the yearning of every human being, to find out why I am, what is the reason for my existence? What’s the meaning of my life. God himself has put these questions into our hearts. Do we follow this question? What do not we try everything in our search? how many detours do we go, how much precious time do we waste? God help me, if you exist – and God says yes, I want! The Lord patiently waits for us to confess our guilt before Him and ask for forgiveness. We can not make ourselves acceptable to God, only Jesus can do that.

He is the mediator, so we may, or rather, on this point, we must give our hearts to Jesus Christ and lay our lives in His hands. Provided, of course, we really want to find that sense of life. He can guide our life ship better than we can. Jesus Christ is the way to God. In front of his cross we can unload everything and receive the gift of his love for us and the atonement with God as a precious gift. When we do that, peace comes into our hearts and love and joy and also the certainty. Now I arrived. And what’s next ? Believe in Jesus – accept him – receive forgiveness – become a child of God God without Jesus and Jesus without God is unthinkable.

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