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Guide to Jesus

to Know and to love Jesus . . .

who said – „I am the light of the world, whoever follows me,  will not run in the darkness, but will have the light of life“. Jesus words from John 8.12. In the New Testament you can know and love Jesus – who said – come to me all who are laborious and burdened, I will refresh you, read Matthew 11:28

This is Jesus, he wants to refresh us, to give us new courage and to take care of our needs and worries. Because Jesus Christ came to show us how God is the Father, full of love for the human children he created. He came to give meaning to our lives, deliverance from our guilt, liberation from aggression, addiction and disease. He wants to heal us, be close to us and never leave us again. Feeling his love is overwhelming. I invite you to know and love Jesus. He gives us courage to live again.

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Do you already believe in Jesus Christ?

I want to kindle you, kindle a fire in your heart. Come to Jesus, who makes everything new and saves us, forgives us, who gives us hold, who is our hope. This Jesus who frees of addictions, who still heals today, who makes the darkness light, who fills us and gives us his peace. With him you will be home, arrived, because he wants to carry your worries and has a solution for everything.
Jesus the selfless divine love, he is and he gives life. If you give him your yes, you may run into the arms of God, for your salvation was his plan. in the arms of God. Come to Jesus, who turns water into wine, who sees the blind, who heals the sick, who is merciful and gracious, who is faithful and true. His love is overflowing like no other. If you want to find Him, the paralyzed man will rise and run again, raise the dead one, free him from addictions that is light and infinite love. Come to Jesus, who always has time and listens, who does not change, who is our intercessor before God the Father.Come to Jesus, who gave his life for us, who was nailed to the cross; who wants to be your Savior. He never leaves us. and fill us with his peace. Yes, Jesus knows you and is waiting for you. Come to Jesus who wants to give you a hold and his overflowing love. He wants to be your sanctuary!Maybe you do not understand, my enthusiasm. Jesus is the best  that ever happened to me. And many others who also tell in innumerable youtube worship and videos what he has done in their lives.


Guide to Jesus – Come and see him and be liberated

I talked to many people who, like me, recognized this secret and took it for granted. They describe his love in similar terms as I just described. And they have put their sins and their lives into those nails pierced loving hands. The cross is empty. Thank God, Jesus is risen again, He lives and He has made the way to God free for us; and will come again and bring those who have said „yes“ to him. What consolation awaits us. Because he will wipe away all tears from our eyes and there will be no more suffering, no illness and no pain, in his heavenly presence.

Guide to Jesus – Come and see him and be liberated. And then you can say: Yes, I believe in Jesus from the heart, I have become a child of God. Romans 10.9-12 says: Because if you confess Jesus as Lord with your mouth and believe with your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Because with the heart one believes and with the mouth one confesses to bliss. Because Scripture says yes:

Everyone who believes in him (Jesus) will not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek, for one and the same is the Lord of all men, who is rich for all (men) who call upon Him. For EVERYONE who invokes the name of the Lord will be saved. Do you already believe in Jesus Christ? It is inconceivable to us that a person who was without sin, like Him, who was pure and did good, wherever he was to die, would die for us. Someone who had a heart for the poor, for the outsiders, One with love for all people, should die such a cruel death. Because he was torn to pieces and smashed, covered in blood, suffering.

And he endured everything until his death on the cross, to make the way to God free for us. What sacrifice, what love? Meet and love Jesus Christ, read daily in the Bible – the Psalms, the Proverbs, pray for an encounter, for closeness to Him. Listen to praise music and take daily time you spend alone with him. Your life will become rich, your soul happy and peace will come to your troubled, searching heart. Jesus felt it very well, in the hours before his arrest, when the time had come to nail him to the cross. Please read your bible and take the promises in your heart. Come into your real life, stay with Jesus.




Why Jesus had to suffer

Because of us, Jesus Christ had to suffer and die so we could have forgiveness of our sins and lives, new eternal life. He gave his life for our lives. To accept and believe in this gift, our minds are not there, it is our heart’s turn. To accept it anyway, although you can not understand it. Yes, sometimes it has to want to understand – in the drawer and the heart very far!



Jesus Christ and why he is called the anointed one:

Jesus eats together with his disciples.Mary Magdalene comes in, carrying in her hand a small glass amphora. The apostles are looking forward to see if she brings a special treat. But Mary does not come to them, she goes straight to Jesus and stops behind him. She opens the stopper of the shiny vessel and lowers it slowly so that the first thick drops of fragrant oil drip. The whole room is filled in a short time with the precious smell of mysterious essences. Maria breaks off the slim neck of the amphora and the viscous fragrant oil runs out in thick drops on the curls of Jesus, until all his hair in the light of the chandelier radiate. The head of Jesus, who adores Mary, she strokes him over the shiny curls. And comb him with the little comb she has taken out of her hair.
Joint meal of the disciples with Jesus.



A sinner named Mary approaches Jesus and kneels at his feet.

A bulbous carafe places her next to herself on the floor. She gently takes off his sandals and takes the veil from her head and lays it to one side. She wears long dark hair. Her tears fall on his feet, which she kisses again and again, many many tears glistening in the light of the lamp – like rain falling on his feet. Jesus slowly bends his head and his loving eyes look down on the lowered head of hair that covers his feet like a veil. A forgiving look, then he turns back to society and allows it. With her hair, she gently dries the moist feet of Jesus. Their sins are now forgiven.
Guide to Jesus, come and give him all your sins, your distress.

In the Bible, we read again and again of the grace of God: „But God declares us by grace to be righteous, it is his gift to us, through Jesus Christ, who has freed us from our guilt, for God sent Jesus to punish Him We are righteous before God, when we believe that Jesus shed His blood for us and sacrificed His life for us, God proved His righteousness when He did not punish the people who He acted in this way because he had patience with them, and even now, in this time, he is perfectly righteous in declaring those who believe in Jesus righteous. 26 (From the New Life Translation).

How well do you know Jesus? Find answers to many questions here. Meet him, his selfless love, his devotion, his full devotion. I wish you that you gain a tremendous insight and great joy fulfills you. Take a little time, there is much to discover, because Jesus deserves all your love and gratitude! Let yourself be lighted by Jesus, who said:


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Jesus‘ words: whoever follows me will not run in the darkness, but will have the light of life!

How can I personally describe Christ personally, how do I experience Him? Jesus is giving Himself away – LOVE His love is genuine, deep, infinite, healing, forgiving, liberating, redeeming, warming, giving security, fulfilling, contagious, precious and precious, selfless, he took our guilt, what love , Unimaginable but true. And his love never stops. For she is the divine love, which is also called agape love. His love is contagious, consoling and unifying, it is real and very tangible when we seek it from the heart.



Read your bible and stay to Jesus all the time, he loves you so much

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